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Erosion Control / Reclamation Work

North Idaho Hydroseeding, Inc. is dedicated to implementing long-term Best Management Practices (BMP’s). We are qualified to assist in the development of StormWater Pollution Protection Plans (SWPPP’s) and are actively involved in the Panhandle Area Council’s Stormwater and Erosion Education Program (SEEP) as an industry consultant. We work to develop economical and environmentally responsible seeding specifications for engineers and contractors which not only meet but surpass National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) regulatory guidelines.

Services Provide
Erosion Control
  • Standard Hydroseeding ( Site Specific Erosion Control Seed Mix, Wood Fiber Mulch, Guar Gum Tacifier, and Slow Release Fertilizer)
    Mild to Moderate Slopes 3:1 to 2:1
  • Steep Slope Hydroseeding (Site Specific Erosion Control seed, Wood fiber Mulch, Poly- acrylamid Tackifier, and Slow Release Fertilizer)
    Moderate to Steep Slopes 2:1 to1 ˝ :1
  • Extreme Slope Hydroseeding (Site Specific Erosion Control Seed Mix with either Bonded Fiber Matrix BFM [ Flexterra] ,FGM Flexible Growth Medium, or SMM Stabilized Mulch Matrix, and Slow Release Fertilizer)
    Steep to Severe Slopes 1 ˝ :1 to 1:1
  • Hydromulching (Temporary Erosion Control using Wood Fiber Mulch, FiberLoc, Tackifier, and other stabilizing products)
  • Straw Mulch Tackifying (Temporary Erosion Control using Tackifing Agents sprayed over Straw Mulch to stabilize slopes)

Dryland Reclamation Work

  • Using a variety of hydroseeding methods we reclaim various disturbed sites such as, roadway construction and right a ways, utility easements, construction development sites, forest lands, stormwater swales, ditches, channels, catch basins, retention ponds, shorelines and riparian revegetation. We can enhance the success of these projects using various organic based fertilizers and bio-stimulants.
  • We spray dust control products which can be used to cap soil stockpiles reducing subsequent dust problems and rain washouts. These polymer emulsion products can be used as a temporary sediment control in drainage swales reducing sediment retention, and are helpful with embankment stabilization.
  • We can use an assortment of hydro spraying methods separately or in combination as effective BMP’s. Our main objectives are to reduce potential wind and water erosion, and stabilize soils by:
  • Shielding soils from erosive impacts from wind, and rain events
  • Slowing the runoff and allow sediments to drop out and or deposit
  • Improving the soils water storage porosity and capability
  • And ultimately holding soils physically in place with plant roots
Our hydroseeding applications are tailored to your specific project site and utilize industry recognized materials and methods to obtain the highest levels of success. We have effectively revegetated countless acres of erosion and dryland/reclamation sites, including EPA superfund sites for Engineers, Contractors, Landscapers and Homeowners. We are committed to customer service and provide detailed post-application care instructions to aid in the establishment of our projects.

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